Local Attractions in Lincoln

While our Queen Bee cleaning technicians are cleaning your home from top to bottom, we’ve compiled a list of local attractions to help pass the time!

  • Museum of American Speed – From their site: “Founded in 1992 by “Speedy” Bill and Joyce Smith, the Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed is dedicated to preserving, interpreting, and displaying physical items significant in racing and automotive history. Spanning over more than 150,000 sq. ft across 3 levels, audiences of all ages will marvel n the stunning array of history-making cars, engines, parts, toys and memorabilia.” Visiting the museum will bring about a rush of adrenaline and nostalgic for a time long gone. You can volunteer, donate, or become a sponsor.
  • Lincoln Children’s Zoo – From their site: “Lincoln Children’s Zoo is rated among the best zoos for children by Parent Magazine and is home to over 400 animals, including the world’s smallest monkeys (pygmy marmosets), ring-tailed lemurs, dromedary camels, red pandas, meerkats, and more!. Over 40 of our animals are endangered, including the Humboldt Penguin, Amur leopard and Matschie’s tree kangaroo.” One of the most popular attractions in all of Lincoln and the surrounding communities, the Children’s Zoo is bound to delight visitors of all ages. You can support the zoo by purchasing an annual membership, adopting an animal or simply by making a one-time donation.
  • Lincoln Children’s Museum – The Lincoln Children’s Museum invites families to create, discover and learn through the power of play. Offering three floors and 23,300 square feet of hands-on exhibits and imaginative programs that allow children and adults to discover the adventure of learning through play together. The LCM instills a love of learning for children of all ages through the lens of discovery and play.
  • National Museum of Roller Skating – Enjoy the free admission into the National Museum of Roller Skating. Founded in 1980, the NMRS provides an experience to reflect on and experience the sport of roller skating and its history. With exhibits containing artifacts dating back to the early 19th century, the museum presents roller skating throughout the years.
  • Boiler Brewing Company – With nearly 30 different types of craft brews on tap and in bottles there’s something at Boiler Brewing for everyone. Founded in 2015, Boiler has grown into the known go-to spot for the best local, home brews. Gather a group of friends and come out to play Bingo or Trivia every Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite go-to spots around town? Drop them in the comments below! Find us on Facebook and give us a call for a free, no obligation quote.  (402) 499-7867


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