Pioneers Park Nature Center in Lincoln, Nebraska!

Pioneers Park Nature Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, once you’ve been here, you’ll know why. With almost 700 acres of tallgrass prairie with streams, wetlands, and woodlands, this is more than a wildlife sanctuary. It is an educational adventure for adults and kids that is fun and unforgettable. With various habitats found along the 8 miles of hiking trails, the raptor exhibits and the sightings of bison, elk, white-tailed deer, and more, this is one of the best parks and nature centers in the country.   

Every day, over 130 parks, more than 130 miles of trails with 89 playgrounds and 9 public parks dotted throughout are enjoyed by countless people of all ages. During the summer months, there are nine public pools and 5 golf courses open to the public. With four dog runs, the family can enjoy this beautiful setting with the family pets and soak in the quality of life that Lincoln Nebraska holds dear.

The quality of parks and recreation that has been established here are known to be a strong foundation for the fundamental youth development, promoting active living that brings families and neighborhoods together. Here, you’ll find community events for everyone to enjoy, building a strong economic development base that residents and visitors of Lincoln Nebraska can enjoy over and over again. This isn’t just a flash in the pan idea of a park. This is a park that is here to stay and develop along with the resident’s needs as this city grows.

There are several programs available at this park that include every feature offered here. From any of the parks and pools or any of the golf courses or dog runs, along the walking trails and more. The exceptional development of Lincoln’s parks and recreation system is here for everyone’s enjoyment and the plans to build more are endless and happening. One day here and you’ll find out what Pioneers Park and Nature Center is FUNdamental to Lincoln!

What Is Here for Your Enjoyment And Education?

The easier question to answer would be “What’s not here for your enjoyment and education?” because anything you could desire to do in the outdoors is here in Pioneers Park and Nature Center. There are animal exhibitions and walking trails, a bird garden with benches where you can relax and listen to the music of the birds singing. An herb garden filling the air with a beautiful aroma and the kids have a natural play area where they can exercise as they learn, all while having fun. Open all year long with three-holiday exceptions, this is free to all, residents and visitors.

Learning has never been so much fun as it with the two interpretive buildings that house hands-on learning. Here, kids can build, climb, and dig to their heart’s content. The small animal exhibits will teach them as they enjoy watching and participating in the herb gardens. If you’re looking for something different for your child’s next birthday party, you’ll find that the Nature Center here is the place to book!

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