Children Can Create, Discover and Learn As They Play

Lincoln Nebraska Children’s Museum – This is a museum, unlike most museums. At the Lincoln Children’s Museum, children are allowed to play by building, creating, and dancing. They can laugh and sing as they enjoy their creations and travel through their imagination.

With three stories of hands-on exhibits in a space of 23,300 square feet, there isn’t much a child of any age can’t find to do.  The imaginative programs are designed for adults as well as children, providing a pathway to learning while having fun playing.

It Is The Belief That Playtime Is Learning Time

The most important thing any child can do is to play and make believe. And here, at Lincoln Children’s Museum, that is exactly what they do. They engage with each other as they create their imaginations. The power of play has never been more important than it is here.

As a member of the Association of Children’s Museums, visitors are asked to see other like museums in other cities around the country. Spreading the fun of learning by way of playing is a national effort for museums like this one and other private non-profit, 501(c)(3) museums.

History Of The Lincoln Children’s Museum

It was a group of educators and parents that created this museum, bringing life to their vision of a place where children could use their imagination to enjoy learning with hands-on play. By August 1988, this vision came to life with an introduction exhibit “Sights and Sounds” on display for 10 days at the state fairgrounds. As many as 10,000 attended both adults and children.

The Lincoln Children’s Museum in Lincoln Nebraska’s first green building, something that the city and its residents take pride in. There is minimal waste throughout the facility with recycling at the top of the list.

Everyone Will Find Something To Do Here

The 23,000 square feet of Lincoln Children’s Museum includes exhibit space with great options for kids of all ages. Starting off in the Grow Zone, designed for kiddos from 0 to 3 years old, their minds are challenged at a level for them to provide developmental needs. Toys are washed and sanitized on a constant basis and it is gated to keep the little folks away from the rest of the museum, so they are safe and sound.

Tiny Town is the next group and is a perfect place to keep any kiddo interested and occupied.  They’ll find a Union Bank, Hy-Vee, and Kimmel Apple Orchard. On the main floor, you’ll find a kid-sized town where they can be a doctor, firefighter, police officer, or anything their imagination takes them.

Other exhibits include transportation that has a BNSF train exhibit, the Lunar Lander, and Sky-High Airport. There is an Artist’s Studio and so much more to be enjoyed by the kids and their adults!

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