Feel The Need For Speed at The Museum of American Speed

Lincoln, Nebraska The Museum of American Speed, a non-profit museum that was established in 1992 that has 150,000 square feet of automotive Racing Engine and Speed Equipment on display. It is here that the visitor can soak in the development of automotive and racing history and anyone with a passion for these will enjoy with memories of their own.

From the dirt cars and sprint cars of the 1970s, with displays of the “Outlaw” racers that won races from coast to coast, including the Sprint Car Nationals and the Hulman Classic. The founder of this museum, Bill and Joyce Smith put their love of racing and their heart of Lincoln Nebraska are what gave this community such a glorious museum to be enjoyed by the residents and visitors passing through.

Bill would spend thousands of hours laboring and “turning over rocks”, chasing countless leads so he could build this awesome collection of automotive history. Bill has an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time, and that uncanny knack is what builds this automotive museum.

The Need for Speed Of A Model T

Here, at The Museum of American Speed, you can take part in the Model T Driving school. An event where participants have an exceptional opportunity to learn all the ins and outs about the history of the Model T. From basic maintenance to the mechanics of these beautiful machines, even get hands-on driving lessons, because driving a Model T isn’t like driving the cars of today! Get one-on-one training at the Air Park driving location and a curriculum course that will teach you all things Model T and more.

Cars and Coffee

If you’re into specialty vehicles, this event is for you! The last Saturday from May through October, others of like mind come here to drink coffee and talk cars at the Speedway Motors campus right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Speedsters Reunion

A biannual event, the International Speedsters Trials & Reunion welcomes people from all over to enjoy and share their love of vintage cars with admirers of all ages. 

Research and Learn at Library

A unique library here at The  Speedway Motors Museum of American Speed has a collection of books, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, and technical material where anyone and everyone can learn all there is to know about the automotive world and racing industry that is the American way of life and culture.

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